Driving excellence in clinical care

Our belief that all women deserve access to high-quality health care drives us to improve standards throughout the profession, today and for the future. We’ve increased our collaborative working, recognising that by working with partners we can achieve more.


Improving education and professionalism

Better health care for women everywhere can only be achieved if we continue to raise standards in our clinical education and training. Better training results in better doctors and that leads to better care.


Engaging with women and patients

It’s really fundamental to our work that we understand women’s needs – not just their clinical needs but their experiences of our services.


Advancing women’s health and education around the world

Providing women with effective, affordable contraception could cut maternal deaths by 66% and newborn deaths by 75% and our Leading Safe Choices programme is committed to addressing this acute need.


Championing and supporting our members and trainees

We can only improve health care for women if our members are properly trained and supported to continue their professional development and lifelong learning. To do this, we need to listen and respond to what members tell us, which is why we’ve improved our communication channels and increased opportunities for members to get involved with College activities.


Developing our influence as a College

This year was the year we really found our voice, speaking up on behalf of women and making sure we are more proactive in influencing policies affecting women’s health.

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