Financial overview

It remains essential to maintain a strong financial and business model to support and prioritise RCOG’s key strategic objectives and to allow the College to build for the future.

2015 was a solid year for the College with a positive operational surplus of £800,954. This surplus was generated as a result of a number of factors, including the funding received for the Leading Safe Choices programme; the RCOG World Congress, which attracted 2,324 participants; the new format Part 1 and Part 2 MRCOG exams, which were successfully introduced in March 2015; and another very successful year for RCOG Trading, with continued growth providing vital support to the College’s core activities.

This operational surplus was somewhat reduced by a loss on investments reflecting widespread market volatility, leaving a net movement in funds of £714,089.

The net movement in funds resulted in an increase to the College’s unrestricted free reserve. This reserve protects the organisation from fluctuations in income, permits the proper management of risk and enables the College to realise unforeseen opportunities that may arise from time to time. On 31 December 2015, this balance stood at £8,514,149. This represents approximately 8 months of budgeted running costs. The 2015 free reserve includes £902,026 of freely realisable cash.

A heartfelt thank you to our donors

If the RCOG is to meet its ambitious strategic objectives, we will need to find new sources of funding to develop programmes and projects to improve women’s health, such as Leading Safe Choices and the Excellence in Obstetrics Course. We would like to thank those who are helping to support such programmes, both trusts and foundations, individual donors and also everyone who has taken part in an RCOG Challenge Event. Thank you, your support is helping the RCOG to really make a difference to women’s health in the global context.


Total income


Total expenditure


Charitable activity income 2015


Blue-square Conferences & meetings 14%
Yellow-square Exams 20%
Grey-square International initiatives 0.1%
Pink-square Fellows and Members 27%
Purple-square Clinical quality 1%
Cool-Blue-square Education and training initiatives 5%
Brown-square Leading Safe Choices 14%
Orange-square NCC-WCH 12%
Green-square BJOG 7%


Charitable activity expenditure 2015


Blue-square Conferences and meetings 12%
Yellow-square Exams 11%
Grey-square International initiatives 5%
Pink-square Membership services 24%
Purple-square Clinical quality 10%
Cool-Blue-square Education and training initiatives 14%
Brown-square Leading Safe Choices 6%
Orange-square NCC-WCH 11%
Green-square BJOG 4%
Aqua-square Other restricted funds 3%


Cost analysis 2015


Mid-Blue-square Staff costs – direct 36%
Yellow-square Staff costs – support 13%
Cool-Blue-square Direct costs 35%
mauve-square Support costs (excluding staff costs) 10%
Green-square Depreciation 6%